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    This is our first CD, released in 2010. It features Sherri and Shawn Nourse, Victoria Jacobs and Paul Lacques, and special guests from I See Hawks In L.A., The Chapin Sisters, Mike Stinson, and Brantley Kearns and David P. Jackson, Jr., two country rock legends. Songs about trains, buffalo migration, walking in the woods, and of course, earthworms.

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If you’re lookin' real close, you can see the engineer He's a grey locomotive on the railway Passing farms with windmills and tractors pulling hay bales Boxcars are heavy with their cargo Apples, tangerines, walnuts, watermelon, almonds, avocados, grapes, apricots, cumquats, plums and peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, honeydew, kiwi, lemons, peanuts, broccoli, cashews, strawberries, cranberry, dewberry, elderberry, gooseberry, blackberry, apple berry, huckleberry, mulberry, cucumber, chestnuts And occasionally passion fruit Cannonball is winding through the mountains Rolling over bridges and steaming through the tunnels Chuggin' up a steep grade and coastin' down the backside Cannonball is passin' towns and cities Courthouse, hospital, post office, gas station, library, supermarket, coffee shop, town hall, town square, local barber, drugstore, parking lot, high school, playground, neighborhood, Elks Lodge, cemetery, golf course, ball field, bus stop, fitness center, bowling house, movie house (whheeewww......!) The sun sets low behind the mountains Soon our journey ends as we're nearing the station End of the line, folks End of the line
Bear and Dog 03:38
We are bear and dog We are bear and dog We are the rulers of the earth We’ve come to help you save your little planet! We came down to your planet It looked so messed up We decided there’s a solution We’re gonna clean this planet UP! CHORUS It takes two furry animals To make this world a party With love, peace and freedom We’re gonna fly the rainbow’s edge CHORUS Bear rides a hurricane Dog is a genius With these super powers The possibilities are endless CHORUS
A baby earthworm asked his mom Why are we underground? The mommy said because our job Is moving earth around That’s what the earthworm’s for That’s what the earthworm’s for And if we do our job then when The seeds drop in the soil They’ll sleep inside the ground until The rain begins to fall That’s what the rain is for That’s what the rain is for The sun was passing overhead The ground began to warm And little seeds began to sprout On meadows, hills, and farms That’s what the sun is for That’s what the sun is for The moon came up behind the hill And out came twinkling stars The little worm was dazzled and He asked what stars are for His mommy said all creatures long For beauty and for light The stars are just for you to see On sweet warm summer nights That’s what the stars are for That’s what the stars are for That’s what the moon is for . . . That’s what the sun is for . . . That’s what the rain is for . . . That’s what the earthworm’s for
Pizza Moon 03:20
Zachariah: Hey, dude, it’s you and me tonight, mama’s gone out to see Dave Matthews with her friends. Now I’m no Iron Chef but one thing I can do is cook a pizza moon! Nolan: a pizza moon? Z: Cook a pizza moon N: What’s a pizza moon? Z: A pizza moon is a pizza N: Let’s cook a pizza moon! Z: Let’s make the dough Make the pizza dough Flour in a sack (pizza dough!) Plop it in a bowl (pizza dough!) Water and yeast and flour in a bowl pizza moon We’re cookin a pizza moon 
Round and round you stir the dough Pound and pound you knead the dough Form it, roll it, shape it round It’s a ball shaped orbital lunar mound Roll it, flatten it, make it smooth Now it’s looking like a pizza moon! CHORUS: PIZZA MOON! PIZZA MOON! N: But where’s the sauce? Z: Ah! Where’s the sauce? Gonna make a red sauce Gonna mix it up old school supercool Just like the hills of Sicilia Just like grandmamamamamamam mia We got the big red tomatoes (tomatoes tomatoes) Onion too (onion too) We got the garlic and thyme (garlic and thyme) Got the basil and oregano (oregano, oregano) Now chop chop chop Mix mix mix In big iron pan Put the pan on the stove for the simmer of the sauce for the pizza moon CHORUS: PIZZA MOON! Z: Turn on the flame Low low low Sauce is simmering (sss sss sss!) Slow slow slow Simmer simmer simmer (ssssss!) Slow slow slow for twenty five minutes N: twenty five minutes??!!?? Z: twenty five minutes sometimes you have to wait and wait and wait and wait . . . Z: How’s the pizza sauce? N: How’s the pizza sauce? Z: Let’s look in the the pan N: look in the pan Z: Whoa, thick and spicy N: Mmmm! Z: Thick and spicy and ready to go Let’s pour the sauce on the pizza N: Pizza moon! Z: Dude, we got sauce on the moon (astronaut talks, he’s landed on the moon!) N: What about the cheese? Z: What about the cheese? N: Can we put on the cheese? Z: Gotta put on the cheese Let’s get out the grater open up the frigerator Get the Mozzarella cheese grate a plate of cheese, please! Spread the Mozzarella on the pizza Now we pop it in the oven I can hear the pizza bubblin Shall we call up all the cousins? Ooh that smell! CHORUS: PIZZA MOON! Z: Put the pizza on the table slice it up and take a spoon Of pepper spoon of parmesan how bout a drop or two of olive oil Slice it up for mommy daddy Nolan Bekka Rachel Sarah Jenny Mary (fade over next) Let’s eat that pizza mmm mmm mmm! Pizza moon mmm mmm mmm We did it! Mmm! Pizza moon! (ooh, that’s hot!!) N: That’s a pizza moon!
Bang A Drum 02:07
Bang a drum!!!
Corn 02:28
Corn Good for you Corn It’s good for you Corn, corn! Corn is good for you If you take the train to the edge of town There’s a new farmer’s market With trucks and trailers and tamales and a clown Mommy and Daddy and sister too It’s a hot summer blue sky afternoon Now you pick out the carrots Pick out the beans From the farmer and his daughter and a worker named Gene If the farmer’s got corn And he says it’s sweet And he picked it this morning Well you’re in for a treat When you get home it’s corn tonight Here’s a crazy little recipe for cookin’ it right Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s go! Bring it to a boil put the corn in the pot Turn it off Turn it off! Leave it in the pot for a minute or two Woo hoo hoo hoo Corn is good for you
We Are Birds 03:16
We are we are we are birds We are we are we are birds We like we like we like you We like we like we like you Wheeeeeee We are we are we are birds
Mama loves you Papa loves you Brown Bear loves you And the llama loves you too Grandma loves you Grandpa loves you Dolphin loves you And the meerkat loves you too 'Cause you are easy to love You are easy to love You are easy to love So easy Auntie loves you Uncle loves you Eggman loves you And the walrus loves you too Chorus Wallaby loves you Rhino loves you Toucan loves you And the buffalo love you too Mama loves you Papa loves you Brown bear loves you And the llama loves you too
Walking Boy 03:18
He's a walking boy holding mama’s hand On a trip to the beach for some summer sand Digging up shells and searching for treasure Found a shiny round pebble and a great big feather He’s a walking boy A walking boy He’s a walking boy He’s a walking boy leading papa down the road Heading for the trees and listening for the toads They get on the trail and the shade feels good It’s summertime in the deep green woods He’s a walking boy He's a walking boy and loves to go places New sights and brand new faces He’ll walk for all of his days See the world and all its ways Blue skies and a desert rain Deep water and the endless plains He’s a walking boy
Little Willie Buffalo Little Willie Buffalo In the green green grass of Idaho I’m Little Willie Buffalo I’m a baby buffalo up on the plains I sleep under moon, I play in the rain Daddy was Bill so they call me Will I hope you’ll sing this song with me Boom shaka laka laka I walk in the hills with my buffalo mom We’re a buffalo herd two thousand strong The buffalo bulls keep the family safe From the wolf and the thunder and the windy days CHORUS I eat in the morning and I eat at night Chomping on grass is mighty nice Middle of the day I take a little nap And I dream of the faraway Cumberland Gap You see my great great great great great great great great grandfolks laid the trail That led the way for the Indians, the cowboy and the Interstate December brings the big white snow But it’s not too cold for a buffalo We’re gonna walk south for many a mile Gonna keep on moving in the winter time I’m getting bigger every day I’ll be two thousand pounds but I love to play Under big blue sky in the meadow by the stream At night I dream the buffalo dream I’ll dream of you If you’ll dream of me In the green green grass of Idaho We’ll roll around like the buffalo do Cause I’m a buffalo Don’tcha know
Good night, little space ship, good night It’s time for the sun to go round to the other side Close your eyes, little space ship, close your eyes Tomorrow you’ll tell us what’s up in the sky Mars Stars Mars Stars Sleep tight through the night, little light We’re here oh so near as you fly through the sky Good night, little space ship, good night Good night little space ship, good night Mars Stars Mars Stars


This is our first CD, released in 2010. Songs about trains, buffalo migration, corn, farmers markets, walking in the woods, trains, earthworms, and how to make a pizza from scratch!


released April 22, 2014

With members of I See Hawks In L.A., The Chapin Sisters, Brantley Kearns, David P. Jackson Jr., Mike Stinson, and Zachariah.


all rights reserved



Earthworm Ensemble Los Angeles

Earthworm Ensemble features the best in SoCal musicianship and songwriting: members of I See Hawks In L.A., Dwight Yoakam, Aman Folk Ensemble, and Double Naught Spy Car.

We sing songs about the earth and keeping earth green: buffalo migration, recycling, ladybugs, dinosaurs, coyotes and moles!

We are featured performers at Stagecoach, Kidspace, Skirball, McCabes, and many outdoor festivals.
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